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We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the sponsorship industry, one which is worth over £60 billion worldwide. Sponsorship is extremely imperative to sporting properties. Many clubs and athletes lack funding, due to little support from governing bodies. Sponsorship can often be the difference between success or failure and can be difficult to acquire due to its extremely competitive market and ever changing trends. By using our solution you will be able to understand what rights assets you hold and how you can effectively utilise these to gain funding via sponsorship.

Rights Asset Evaluation

The first step in your journey to attaining sponsorship, is our evaluation of the rights assets you hold. This is extremely important, as you could be underestimating what you have or may not even be aware of.

Parametric Analysis

There are many criteria in which sponsors look for before they come to an agreement. These parameters include primary, advanced and special categories, each which their own value to a sponsor. We analyse how you fit into these criteria and how you can increase your value to enhance sponsorship endorsement.

Sealing The Deal

The final step is to get in contact with potential sponsors and write a proposal. Businesses get many sponsorship proposals a year, so you need to be able to stand out. We are here to help you understand how and who to contact.

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